Score chairs are produced according to high quality standards and long lasting materials, with:

• Life-long guarantee on the gas lift

• 5-year guarantee on all metal parts

• 2-year guarantee on upholstery if used for its intended purpose

• 2-year warranty on electronic components

• Only valid if provided with undamaged productsticker 

Warrenty conditions of Score products

Score products are carefully developed and produced. During this proces, quality, ergonomical aspects and safety are constantly observed and tested. For these products the following warranties are applicable.

1. Use

Warrenty conditions are based on normal use during 8 hours per working-day in an environment that is suitable for the product.

2. Periodical maintenance

To ensure maximum benefit of the warranties mentioned below and to ensure the common safety of the user and maintain performance of the products, it is recommended to inspect all Score products on a periodical basis. A maintenance contract can be effected by a Score dealer.

3. Terms of warrenty

3.1 Life-long warrenty on the gaslift, when leaking, on the condition that the gaslift is cleaned on a regular basis.

3.2 A 10 year warrenty on faulty constructions or design and aluminium bases

3.3 A 10 year warrenty on the seatmechanisms of chairs if a maintenance contract has been effected

3.4 A 5 year warrenty on the seatmechanisms of chairs without a maintenance contract.

3.5 A 5 yearwarrenty on:

3.5.1 conductive parts and connections of ESD (electrostatic discharge) products

3.5.2 wooden parts

3.6 A 2 year warrenty on: 

3.6.1 swivel castors and glides

3.6.2 poly-urethane components

3.6.3 composite materials

3.6.4 wearing out of the upholstery

4. Excluded of warranty are:

4.1 The failing of functions, operations and adjustments due to molest, incorrect use, or insufficient maintenance. 

4.2 Gaslifts that are stock due to insufficient, incorrect or lack of maintenance 

4.3 Wastage or damaging due to contact with other objects.

4.4 The failing of discharging static electricity due to accumulated dirt on contactpoints (ESD products) 

4.5 Wastage of the uppercoating

4.6 The degenaration of poly-ether

4.7 Modifications applied on the product that are done by the user or on request of the user.

4.8 Products of which the product-ID label has been removed

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