Jumper of Amazone ESD

Provided with an aluminium base.

  • Height adjustment 57-76 cm
  • Work surface Height 80-90 cm
  • Aluminium base ø 54 cm
  • Available in a high and low model
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ESD Line

The friction of different materials (especially plastic) generates static electricity. If you touch e.g. metal or more unfortunately ”an ESD-sensitive component”, this may be discharged through you as small shocks. Unpleasant for you, but damaging to the electronic component you are working with. As a result, high repair and/or replacement costs. You can prevent this with an ESD-safe workplace (EPA). ESD stands for Electronic Static Discharge, i.e. the discharge of static electricity. By using conductive components and upholstery on our chairs, the static electricity is continuously discharged from the chair through the conductive floor to an earthed point in the workplace. Score has an extensive range of approved ESD-safe chairs, which can be delivered with a resistance of ”1Mohm” to ensure a controlled discharge. The motto ”no electrical charge means no discharge” is used as a basis for these chairs. Score ESD chairs and footrests comply with the ”IEC 61340-5-1” directive and have been tested by the ”SP Technical Research Institute” from Sweden.

Options and extensions

Standard model and adjustments

Fixed seat angle
ESD castors suitable for hard floor surfaces
Soft swivel castors ESD


Gaslift height adjustment

Work surface height 80-100 cm
Options without surcharge

Trumpet glides ESD
Options with surcharge
The angle of the seat can be adjusted as desired
Adjustable seat angle
ESD Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd
Soft castors, brake loaded ESD

Amazone/Jumper backsupport ESD

Work surface height 70-85 cm

Work surface height 90-110 cm

Antracite D07 ESD Dralon

Dark blue D89 ESD Dralon

Black K07 ESD Leatherette
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