The new Score footrest brochure is out!


Containing the new footrest 'PRO 952'. The long-awaited successor to the successful footrest 'Basic 952' (sold more than 250,000 worldwide).

This new 'PRO 952' combines the ease of use of the 'PRO 959' and the compact size of the 'Basic 952'. In our new brochure about good and healthy work with the Score footrests, we answer questions such as: "When do you need a footrest? "," How do you use the footrest optimally? "and" Why a footrest at sit-stand workplaces? "

It’s a must have for anyone who gives advice on good and healthy sitting. For questions you can contact the sales office via 0031-594-554000. If you want to receive extra copies, please contact  us

Download here your Score footrest special (PDF) 

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