Spirit 1502

The Spirit 1502 is a robust office chair with a seat and backrest constructed from Beech SP or PU SP (polyurethane), both of which are easy to clean. Polyurethane has the extra advantage of being resistant to most chemical substances. The sophisticated design of the backrest allows for more shoulder freedom while you work. To support your feet, this chair is equipped with a height adjustable footring that is 45 cm in diameter. The compact, lightweight base is made of durable, impact-resistant plastic and is 60 cm in diameter.

  • Height adjustment 58-83 cm
  • Work surface Height 90-100 cm
  • Adjustable footring ø 45 cm
  • Prices are without armrests
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Spirit Line

The Spirit Line is suitable for all kinds of environments and provides the “right spirit” in a wide range of workplaces such as laboratories, schools, hospitals or call-centres. The sophisticated design of the backrest provides extra freedom of movement for the shoulders. The five star base is small, which makes this chair ideal for workstations with little space. Polyurethane is a very strong material, and soft to the touch. It is also easy to clean and very durable.

Options and extensions

Standard model and adjustments
Back height and back angle adjustment
Fixed seat angle
Suitable for hard floor surfaces
Soft Swivel castors
ø 50 mm

Synthetique base, black ∅ 60 cm


Gaslift height adjustment
Options without surcharge
Suitable for carpets
Hard Swivel castors
ø 50 mm

Trumpet glides

Beech SP
Options with surcharge
The seat has an adjustable seatingangle
Adjustable seat angle
Height and width adjustable
Armrest 5
Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd
Soft castors, brake loaded

Aluminium base ∅ 60 cm

Alu. base, black ∅ 60 cm

Steel base, black ∅ 60 cm
Beech SP

No specific colors available in this material


No specific colors available in this material

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